From North Carolina, Trevor Bumgarner first began composing during college. Trevor won the 2013 Edging the Cut competition, 3rd place in The American Prize, and has been a finalist for ASCAP, BMI Student Composer Awards, and Tribeca New Music Young Composers Competition. He has had performances or recordings by groups such as the Cassatt Quartet, Dark in the Song, and the International Contemporary Ensemble. Trevor has had performances at several conferences including the Society of Composers Student National Conference and the NASA region IV conference. He is a recipient of the inaugural Juilliard Career Advancement Fellowship. Besides teaching and tutoring music theory in the college and precollege divisions at Juilliard, he is also a Morse Teaching Fellow, instructing several classes for underprivileged students. He is a Teaching Artist in the New York Philharmonics Bridge program for pre-teen composers. As a Gluck Community Fellow, he frequently performs in New York area hospitals, homeless shelters, and pediatric centers. Trevor Bumgarner attended UNC-Greensboro and The Juilliard School studying with Robert Beaser, Mark Engebretson, Alejandro Rutty, and Michael Burns (bassoon).